Cryonics Germany was founded in 2015 by around 10 cryonicists who have been active in German cryonics for a long time. Since then, our community and activities have grown continuously. Our team members are spread throughout Germany and work together to provide support and care for ourselves and other cryonicists.

  • Current number of members: 27
  • Organized in the standby team: 8
  • In associated mailing-group: 81

In case you are interested in joining us, please contact us directly. While we are mainly active in Germany, we also welcome international members. We have no membership fees, but members should be committed to cryonics, and many of our members make a voluntary monthly donation (often EUR 5 or EUR 10). We are confident that cryonics can only work with mutual trust and if we can completely rely on each other. German-speaking members from Austria or Switzerland may also be interested in joining our associate organization CryoSuisse.

We do our best to also help any cryonicist in case of need, whether you are a member or not. We work as volunteers, and only want to be reimbursed for any costs (like materials, travel and accommodation).

Team profiles

Dr. med. Gunter Boden

Medical doctor, General physician, Kryo-Doc
„Today’s life is too short and, therefore, too inefficient. It ends inevitably and cruelly for all humans living today. I could accept neither this ending nor the associated preliminary destruction of the experience, knowledge and emotions of every human being. I see cryonics – the conservation of our brain as well as possible – together with the further progress of science as the only logical chance for every person to live on in this world.“

Andreas Kabus

Electronics installer, Marketing merchant, Entrepreneur,
Owner of a Sports-Commercial agency
„I occupied myself with the idea of cryonics since the books of Carl Sagan and Stanislaw Lem in the 80s. Building a bridge for us mortal beings – which spans over decades or centuries in the future – to visit new suns and galaxies, motivates my commitment for this future-oriented technology.“

Dr. Frank Prengel

Diploma-Physicist, IT-consultant
„Nowadays, cryonics is our only rational hope to span a bridge in the future when a significant life extension will be available for everyone. Therefore, cryonics is a primarily technological challenge because no current scientific finding rules out cryonics’ general feasibility. There is, of course, no guarantee that it will work – similar to a lottery you have no guarantee to win the first prize. However, you need to buy a ticket to have at least a chance. The first prize “unlimited lifespan” sufficiently motivates me to engage in cryonics.“

Dr. Nadine Saul

Diploma-Biochemist & Scientific officer

Dr. Frank Seifert

Diploma-Physicist, Organizer of the Cryonics-conference 2014 in Dresden
„Life is a wonderful gift. Unfortunately, time is unavoidably progressing for us – day to day until the end. The human future and its possibilities are, however, unimaginable. We should try to use the chance of cryonics. There probably won’t be another one.“