Cryonics Germany operates a cryonics storage facility for neuro patients. The facility offers all technical requirements for suspension and permanent storge in Germany. Only the brain is preserved. This is based on the premise that the brain contains the personality, knowledge, experience and emotions of the patient, and that the body can be cloned or replaced in the future. The brain is perfused with cryoprotective vitrification solutions, cooled and stored at a biopreservation foundation at liquid nitrogen temperature. For humanitarian reasons those services are currently offered for free and only a contract with the biopreservation foundation is required to declare the last will.

The advantages of that neuro storage are:

  • low costs, as only a small volume has to be stored and cooled
  • at present cryonics storage is for free, in total not more than a usual funeral
  • the body will be buried as usual according to individual wishes.

The neuro facility represents the first cryonics storage facility in Western Europe. In case of interest please contact us or write directly to the biopreservation foundation.

Equipment for the cryonics perfusion.

Air liquefier for the neuro storage.

Working with liquid nitrogen at -196°C.

New larger cryostat for the long term storage arrived in 2016.