Medicine and technology have achieved enormous progress in the last centuries and decades and greatly increased human health, longevity and well-being. This progress is still accelerating: With technologies like regenerative medicine, artificial organs and nanotechnology, the medicine of the future will be able to cure virtually all diseases and even reverse aging. Unfortunately for many people this progress will come too late. They will die because they cannot be cured by the medicine of today.

Cryonics is an experimental medical procedure to give these patients the possibility of renewed life in the future. By employing very low temperatures (-196 °C), biological time is essentially stopped. In this way, patients can be preserved for decades or even centuries, until such a time when medicine and technology are able to restore these patient to life.

For patients with terminal diseases, whether young or old, cryonics is the only option for preventing certain death. Please browse our homepage for more details on the scientific basis and practical application of cryonics.

About us

Cryonics Germany is a non-profit organization of cryonicists who want to advance the state of cryonics in Germany and Europe. We come together at meetings to share information, develop procedures, build and maintain equipment and organize trainings. We support members and interested parties with signing up with a cryonics storage provider, securing funding and with personal preparation for an emergency. We also support research into cryonics.

At Cryonics Germany, we work together based on a foundation of mutual trust and personal commitment. We are happy to offer our services and support with any questions or practical concerns around cryonics. And of course we are always looking for additional volunteers who want to contribute to our cause. We look forward to hearing from you! Please see our contact page  to get in touch.